Put a Little Light in Your Life is a guide to how to use light to transform the mind, emotions and body in every area of life, such as:

The reader will learn how to send and receive light and energy consciously as they walk, eat, work, do yoga, while making love, watering the garden, playing with pets, while healing, doing art work, taking pictures, creating projects and more. They also will learn how to use light as a protective force around the place they live and work, their car, airplane, boat, or any vehicle.

Put a Little Light in Your Life incorporates the science of left brain, right brain learning. Poetic words of inspiration that open up the intuitive, creative side of the brain are presented on the left-hand pages of the book and the exercises to implement that wisdom effectively into life are presented on the right-hand pages of the book. The poem or prayer actually raises the reader's frequency to aid them in doing the exercise.

Put a Little Light in Your Life can help to Bless you in many ways. May it speak to your Heart and Soul and help to shine the radiant light of God upon you.

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